Fire and rain in Thylungra

After our last sulphur shower at Charlotte Plains we were back on the road counting emus by 9am. We refuelled in Cunnamulla but decided to head towards Birdsville via Eula rather than Charleville. We banked on having a better run than the KFC truck that got bogged in Eula on the way to the bash.

The drive was long and hot today. When we packed up at Charlotte Plains it was cold so I’d left my long sleeve top on and was quickly regretting it as the outside temperature got to 28 degrees (only 11 back in Melbourne apparently so I dare not complain!).

Quick stop for lunch by the side of the road and we were back on our way for an arvo stop in Quilpie. There was more traffic on the road this leg of the trip and most drivers were courteous, moving off the slim bitumen onto the side gravel to happily share the road, slowing to avoid too many rocks flicking up onto passing cars. One impatient douche was in too much of a hurry to slow down though and flew past us on the gravel flicking a big rock onto our windscreen leaving a lovely crack! I’m certainly breaking in the new car on this road trip.

In Quilpie we got some random phone service while waiting in the queue for fuel so I got to brag about the weather to friends and family back home. The Main Street of Quilpie is lined with rustic metal cut outs of cattle all the way down the medium strip – it really is a lovely town. We made a quick stop for the loo and some cold water and take away beers at the pub before we were on the road again toward Windorah. On our last visit here the library was running a free teddy bears picnic for kids and Miss7 (then Miss5) got to make teddy bear biscuits to enjoy in the car.

The drive west from Quilpie showed off some spectacular sky views. The sky was filled with fat fluffy clouds with a few breaks in them where the sun’s rays were sneaking through and creating a heavenly backdrop for us to drive into.

Drove for about an hour or so before pulling into the Thylungra campsite for the night – Nanna’s first side of the road free camp! Even though it was still 25 degrees we lit the fire and ate dinner outside with a cold beer then off to bed just as the rain hit to cool things down.

Fell asleep to the sounds of rain falling on the canvas roof – not quite the same as a tin roof but bloody close when you’re camping in remote places around this beautiful country.

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