Whip cracking and country music

Final day of BRB2017 today with a country flavour to keep us entertained. Miss7 and I started our morning with a special performance from festival hosts ‘The Crackup Sisters’ S.T.Ruth and Twiggy were a very funny and talented duo who put on an hysterical show with hoopla hoops, creative whip cracking, some magic, humour and even a pet cow (dog in cowhide). Now that Miss7 knows they live at 100 Main Street Winton QLD, she’s determined to visit and help the, out with their dream of creating an arts studio for outback kids.

We followed up the morning entertainment with some line dancing lessons that eventually included the Nutbush, Busstop and a range of other dances I was impressed I could remember in daylight and sober!

Once we headed to the concert area Miss7 had to ensure she was right in front of the stage whenever the Crackup Sisters were on stage. Today we managed to have a great slide down Big Red and Nanna and Master15 had full view of our exploits. I even managed a go and was surprised and just how much speed you could pick up going down the hill.

Today seemed like a lot of fairly short performances before Troy Cassar-Daley came on for a great set. He’s a genuine performer with some great stories to tell. He was followed by the McClymonts who started their set as it was dark and really got the crowd going – I couldn’t believe their bass player was 38 weeks pregnant! Lucky the excitement of the gig didn’t end up in a BRB baby.

The headline act got tonight was Lee Kernaghan celebrating 25 years of his outback club. His opening song showcased a video clip on the big screen and we thought it was just part of the opening of his big show. It turned out that most of his songs were accompanied by a video clip and for quite a while there we thought he was miming. The dance floor area seemed to fill as quickly as many families seemed to pack up their chairs and leave.

His video clips were a little MA15+ with plenty of bikini clad women pole dancing in the back of utes or with bare chested men laying on top of them. I’ve enjoyed some of his songs in the past but as a live performer I thought this was a pretty disappointing end to BRB2017. 

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